Acne Produce on face due to B12 Vitamins

A new study revealed that too much use of the B12 Vitamins is responsible of acne on face. The study found that too much use of such Vitamins promotes the skin bacterium which helps to acne production on skin. Moreover this acne causes promotion of a specific molecule which helps to cover face with pimples. For further clarification, researcher investigated about the bacteria present on the acne face as compare to the clear face. They found that Propionibacterium acnes microbe which cause the pimples production on the face present on the acne skin but not on the cleared skin. These vitamins B12 try to change the gene expression of the skin and as a result acne and pimples is produced on face. The main role of B12 vitamins is to control the central nerves system, metabolism and formation of red blood cells as well. In multivitamin system, this is commonly available but important is that whether acne skin people have to take these vitamins.

Huiying Li said, there might be a relation present between acne and B12 vitamins and he suggested a route which explains and support this idea. But further research is required to for confirmation of this idea. She said there are too much research is required which helps to explain the relationship and cause of acne with the B12 Vitamins. The main purpose of this study is to explanation of living mechanism of microbes present in the human skin and caused diseases. And a keen study about the function of the microbe can help us to find out many of the other treatments, Li said. Bowe said, everything which we drink or eat can effect on our skin by affecting the microbes which are present in our skin. About 10 bacterial cells are present in every human being and study is required to understand the bacteria so we will able to find out the major impact on our body and health.