Are You Paying Attention To Your Lifestyle

Ask any mom and the universal complaints of moms all over the world is that their sons do not pay attention to any domestic chores or discipline and they do not listen to their moms. Very few are the children who have a innate sense of neatness and discipline that they keep their things in order, clean their room and maintain it, keeping things neat and tidy. It is normal to find boys room being the most untidy place at home. Soiled clothes, leftover food, things strewn all over the place and all of their books, guitar, CDs jumbled up is the normal sight that one gets to see. Youth most often, do not have time to pay attention to what they are wearing or eating etc. They are busy pursuing their interest in sports, music etc and the rest of the things do not matter. This is very normal behavior to be expected from children.

When it comes to adults, do you think they are better? Of course not. Look at the social problems that we have in the society. The urban lifestyle and freedom has not done much good to our society. The concept of marriage and family has taken a beating. Single parents, broken homes are the order of the day. At an individual level too, people are suffering from the banes of modern day living. Depression, nervousness, anxiety and stress have become normal part of our daily. Most of the youth are prone to these problems and the doctors seem to be having a field day with so many patients.

Everybody knows that a healthy living means a balanced lifestyle with work and life balance. It also includes a healthy diet which means eating home cooked nutritious food that consists of vegetables, fruits, greens and plenty of dairy products and less of prepared and packed foods. Healthy balance also means sufficient exercise for the body and mind. Sunshine and walking are two of the most essential things needed for our health. But are we giving attention to any of the above?. All of us are busy rushing to office, eating cold sandwiches on the way, smoking umpteen number of cigarettes, putting long hours at work, eating at irregular hours and having no time to sleep. No wonder most of the young men who are living such a fast life seem half dead. One look at them and you can see the exhaustion on their face. Their lifestyle has taken a toll on their body. They look sagged, flabby and puffed. You can very clearly see the receding hairline and growing baldness.

This growing baldness in the younger men is not natural. In most cases it is caused due to hormonal imbalance and lack of nutrition as well as the urban lifestyle. Men hate being bald. If so, you have got to investigate and check out the root cause of baldness and seek treatment accordingly. Most often correction of lifestyle, food and sleep can help along with the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Normally doctor’s prescribe Propecia as the most effective treatment for receding hairline and hair fall. Propecia is known to arrest hair fall almost immediately. Propecia is considered to be the best treatment for both short term as well as long term treatment of hair fall. Propecia however should be taken only with doctor’s advise. Before you start the treatment with Propecia, it is important that you discuss your personal medical history with the doctor.

If one pays a little attention to normalizing one’s lifestyle, these problems can be avoided and the life can be healthy and peaceful.