Causes And Solution To Excessive Hair Shedding

Have you ever had an extreme shedding of your hair? Did you know what actually caused it? Shedding of the hair is normal and approximately 100 hair is shredded per day. Some of them are found on the carpet, shower, on the top of your jacket, or on your brush. The funny aspect of this is that you have been shedding hairs without knowing. Excessive shedding of the hair is when it is above the normal hair required per day. There are many reasons that contribute to hair shedding, but those with curly hair have a higher tendency of shedding more hair when compared to thin hair. This is because people with curly hair make use of different styling products including hot tools in managing their hair. Excessive shedding of the hair is a condition known as telogen effluvium and it is a temporary condition, which affects people exposed to either emotional or physical stressor. For instance, people experiencing traumatic or difficult life event, those who just gave birth, those recovering from one ailment or women who stopped or changed birth control drugs have a higher chance of losing hair within few months.

Hair Shedding

Excessive shedding has the capability of stopping on its own when readjustments are made after a stressful event. Once this is done, the hair regrows to its previous state. Those undergoing lots of stress or involved in activities that are stressful, experiences excessive hair shedding or hair loss. Most times, your doctor or expert will pinpoint lack of vitamins and improper nutrition as the major reason for hair shedding. Insufficient suitable nutrients especially iron, protein, and fatty acids alter the normal cycle of the hair. This pushes the roots prematurely and makes them fall out easily. Some certain amount of different nutrients is required by the body to ensure that your body maintains its hair health and growth.

How to Stop Hair Shedding

Enough with the cause of your hair shedding. It is time for a solution. Hair shedding can be stopped. Constant hair shedding is something frightening; however, different treatments are available. The first thing to consider when trying stopping hair loss and shedding is to stop anything that damages your hair. So what damage the hair? Hair extension, bleach, hair color, flats irons, curling irons, and blow dryers are the common things that you do that brings out hair shedding.

The second way of reducing or stopping your hair shedding condition is by identifying and eliminating any source of mental or physical stress. Getting rid of stressful activities and living a healthy lifestyle will aid in reducing hair shedding. Assuming the primary reason for stress can’t be stopped, you can integrate activities to de-stress you such as cardiovascular exercising, yoga, meditation or writing.

Finally, the best secrets so far to hair thickness and growth lies in the body. If you have the capacity of supplying the nutrients needed by your body, I can assure you that your hair will grow thicker on its own. Nevertheless, a poor nutrition equates to hair weakening, resulting in hair loss, hair thinning and shedding. The essential nutrients needed for your hair include Vitamin B and C, Zinc, Iron, and Proteins.