Facts About Hair Loss

Hair LossEvery one of us has to see some hair fall during shower or while combing our hair. However, alarming situation is to watch this number of hair fall increase rapidly. This is an indication that something bad is going on with our scalp. In the last few decades, people have started worrying too much about their appearance and the hair of a person is the first things another person views. These things have led to a greater amount of research in this field and, thanks to that, those researches have proved to be fruitful. However, even in the presence of all the wonderful products available in markets, one has got to know all the facts about hair fall before selecting any one for him.

First of all, one has to know what an alarming situation is as far as hair fall is considered. If you talk about a normal hair scalp then it contains almost one lakh and fifty thousand air strands. Among those, if hundred to one hundred and fifty strands fall daily then it is normal. However, if the figure is getting well ahead of this range then it can be inferred that hair fall has become a problem. If a person feels that hair fall has started at a rapid pace then he or she should consider visiting a doctor for help.

There are many different types of hair fall and understanding them is also a very important thing. First of all, as far as characterization of hair fall types is considered, all of them have alopecia in the end. This is a term that will tell you that the disease is associated with hair fall. The most common type of hair fall is Androgenic alopecia. This is a type of hair disease in which hair will start falling from the front head crown section and will start towards the mid of head. Another important thing about this type of hair fall is that it can occur in both men and women as well. It occurs in men by the age of 20 where as in women, it occurs when they are in mid 40’s. There are some types of psychological disorders as well in which children tend to pull hair from their head. According to researches, these psychological disorders occur mostly in girls.

When it comes to causes and treatments of hair loss there are a number of things that have to be kept in mind. Most of the times, diet deficiency cause the problem of hair fall. As far as the treatment of hair fall is considered, the first thing a person should do is to consult a dermatologist. Most of the people do not do this and start using different substandard products available in markets. This is not a right move and a person should always ask a doctor before starting to use any product. These are some of the things which if kept in mind, can help you a lot in controlling your hair fall problem.