Facts About Propecia

Propecia is helpful for baldness, and if you are already seeing your hair thinning at the scalp, it is time to correct the anomaly by taking this drug. You must, however, note that baldness in the male is most probably a normal physiological condition; it does not indicate any disease or illness. It occurs in men when they have a high level of testosterone, which is a normal occurrence in males. Be that as it may, baldness can make you look older than your real age and you may not be so confident in the presence of females anymore, prompting you to seek a cure for this baldness problem that is gnawing at and eroding your self-confidence. You can take solace in Propecia, and it will help correct the problem.

Some ladies understand the reason behind balding. They know that men who have a high level of testosterone in them usually expertise baldness. These ladies also understand that high level of testosterone equates to high sex drive, which means a bald man can perform better and longer in bed due to his high testosterone level. The bitter truth is that only very few women understand this. You should, therefore, get rid of this baldness problem if you want to make yourself acceptable to all women. At least, it will give you wider choice and opportunities in the world of women.

Who should not take Propecia?

While Propecia may be the best drug for treating baldness, it is not the best for everyone, and it is not made for everyone; it is only made for men, who are experiencing thinning of hair at the scalp or receding hairline. If you have ever experienced any allergic reaction in the past from Propecia, the drug may not be safe for you. If you have ever taken another drug called dutasteride, which is a similar drug to Propecia and you had an allergic reaction, then the drug may not be the best for you. The best to do in the situation is to consult your doctor for advice before you take the drug or any other similar drug.

Do you notice any form of breast change after taking the drug? Such breast change can be in the form of nipple discharge, pain or a breast lump. When you notice any of these symptoms before or after taking the drug, then it is better never to take it at all or to stop it if you have been taking it.

Propecia can lead to a birth defect in pregnant women, who are exposed to the drug. Therefore, pregnant women must not handle the drug. They should not use it or touch it. The reader must take note that handling may not necessarily lead to any of the problems mentioned above in pregnant women since it is properly coated using a protective coat that prevents direct contact with the active ingredient in the drug. However, the story changes if the tablet is broken, which will expose the active ingredient and also cause contamination in individuals that handle it. There are times accidents may happen, and the woman will end up touching a broken or crushed tablet of Propecia and get exposed to the active ingredient. The best thing to do in this regard is to wash the area properly using soap add clean water immediately.