Hair fall problem in men

Most of the people do not know that their hairs are falling in each day. According to estimation it is said that about 100 hairs from 100000 falls every day. There is no any specific time for growing of the hairs but mostly it grown up to six years. The remaining part of the hair grows in the next few months and head become full with hair shed. A cycle of hair established and in this way new hairs come on the head for replacing the older. The growth of the hairs depends on the age of the men but usually it grows about half an inch in a month. This problem happened when certain factors favors hair fall and prevent the new hairs from growing. There are many factors which are responsible of hair fall as deficiency of nutrition, illness and side effects of drug. Men loss their two-third hair above the age 30 and faces much baldness above age 60. A high percentage of hair loss is just because of androgenetic alopecia and also known as baldness pattern. As a result, most of the men losses their entire hair from upper side of head and only ring form of hair remain around the sides of hair. Male baldness is also require male hormone which is known as testosterone and highly dependent on the genetic condition of father and mother. One of the hair growing stages is also known as telogen effluvirm. In this condition, hair roots are pushed prematurely in resting system due to the hair follicles and result is produced in form of shedding. Thinning of the hair happened on the scalp but not all over the head. In some conditions, hairs on the upper scalp suffer more than sided part. It can be caused due to different reasons like severe infection or illness, ever had a chronic disease or serious surgery, and used medicines like anticoagulants or very low level of iron in blood. Very rarely hair can fall due to the Alopecia areata. In this scenario some antibodies attack on hair follicles and damaged the hair. Despite of good health, men observe small patches on scalp with less hair. With the passage of time this problem can cause more hair loss. Another reason of the hair loss is found in about 3% of men and commonly named as cicatricial alopecia. It can happen at any time in every age of men. This problem has different types but in general it is potentially permanent destruction of hair follicles or its replacement with some scar tissues. Initially this problem occurs on small area of scalp and expands with the passage of time. Men do not bother its symptoms due to very less hair loss and on the other hand it might produce some itching, burning and pain. Fall of hair is a natural phenomena but men should consider and check it in regular intervals otherwise some severe infection can permanently clear their scalp from hair.