Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is the thinning of hair follicles that could lead to gradual hair loss and ultimately baldness. Once the hair follicles become thinner, they will not be able to produce any more hairs that results in male pattern baldness. It has been seen that risk of male pattern baldness enhances with age.

The first symptoms of male pattern baldness can be noticed in the temple and the sides of the head. Male pattern baldness is mainly caused because of the presence of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone. This dihydrotestosterone is known to affect the hair which leads to the production of shorter and fewer hairs.

Though the role of the male hormone is undoubtedly proved, there could be many other reasons for male pattern baldness. Genetics is often considered one of the reasons that could lead to male pattern baldness. But the role of genetics has always been debated upon.

Male pattern baldness should have to be treated at the earliest or permanent hair loss cannot be ruled out. There are many medications like Minoxidil that can be directly applied on the scalp and oral drugs that helps in curtailing male pattern baldness.

Apart from the medication, one can also think of other methods like hair implants or transplants that are a bit costly. In hair implants, new hair follicles are implanted.

Moreover, one should have to include more of vegetables, fruits and whole grains in ones diet that could prevent male pattern baldness.