Natural vs. Propecia Which is Effective to Treat Hair Fall

Hair fall is quite an embarrassing topic among the patients of male pattern baldness. This disease starts with attacks one’s hair from the early 30s, and it goes on till there is a stark baldness on the patient’s head. This can be a very frustrating experience for the person, and often they face comments from friends and family. The patients may totally give up before buying those hoax pills online which do not work at all, but they hurt his self-esteem a lot. A person may at last end up going to a doctor for help in the hair fall.

Some Natural Remedies for Hair loss:

Yes, Natural treatment takes a longer time than most pills, but they do work in the long run. Some options are:

  • Biotin pills are an important supplement for good nail and hair. If a patient takes 1 or 2 capsules for 60 days or more, they will surely see a difference in their hair health. Biotin not only stops hair fall but it also helps in growth of new hair.
  • Hot oil massage with coconut oil and castor oil will stimulate the hair follicles, and the nourishment helps to lessen hair fall and even makes new hair grow.
  • Homemade masks made of eggs or amla powder can also help in nourishing the hair and scalp.
  • One has to stay away from harsh chemical laden shampoos and should use natural products free from Paraben and SLS. They can also go all natural and use soap nuts to wash their hair.
  • A person also needs to take care of their diet and health because baldness is often caused by obesity and diabetes.

Propecia as a prescription drug:

Propecia is the widely-used drug prescribed by doctors in helping the patients going through male-pattern baldness. A Propecia tablet stops the testosterone from turning into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The pill will help you to reduce hair fall and even in the growth of new hair. Though it acts quickly, one has to take it regularly to see the benefits, and if they stop taking the pill, they will again go back to having hair fall. Propecia is safe for a man but should totally be avoided by a woman. It is easily prescribed by the doctors, but Propecia may induce some side effects like:

  • Lowering in libido.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Testicular Pain.
  • Heightening the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Reduced quality of semen.
  • May induce nipple secretions which can be a sign of male breast cancer.

Most of the side-effects are rare, but the sexual problems are quite talked about. It is both safe to use Propecia or natural remedies, but it is upon you to choose which one would you prefer. Household remedies will take a longer time, but the changes felt wouldn’t be altered instantly. Whereas if someone stops Propecia, they may face hair fall again and sometimes even the side-effects. Natural remedies work better in the longer run as they have been used for centuries by people who have trusted on them. Patience is often the key to any kind of recovery.