Propecia And How It Controls Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness has caused many men to be depressed about their early hair loss, which makes them look old and boring. Several men start to lose their hair growth at early twenties, as most of them ignore it- the problem continues to grow and eventually leaves bald spots.

Hair loss is truly a great loss. To know that there could be an effective way to remedy this loss is a treat to the mind and ear. After several years of research and experimentation, one of the few treatments that have been proven essential are Propecia, traditionally known as Finasteride

Propecia Finasteride Film-Coated Tablets

What is Propecia?

Proscar and Propecia comes from a class of drug known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors that has long been known to treat conditions stimulated by DHT, a hormone created in the body by testosterone. The DHT-induced health conditions include male pattern baldness, and other problems like prostrate cancer.

In the male pattern baldness, the DHT receptors link to the hair follicles at the front, middle and the center of the scalp. The excessive release of this hormone on the follicles causes the hair follicle to shrunk and lose its ability to grow healthy and thick hair. Resultantly, the hairline recedes and thins. The hair follicles on the bottom of the hair are genetically resistant to the DHT, a reason why we see the M pattern of baldness. More than 35 million men in the United States of America suffer from the problem of hair loss.

How does Propecia work?

The Finasteride - an active ingredient found in the Propecia is a cause of the rapid decline in the concentration of DHT which controls the male pattern baldness. After the consumption of Propecia, the DHT levels drop to 64% percent in 24 hours. However, the effects of this medication fully appear as an effective control against baldness shows after several months of usage. According to survey results, a patient requires a year of constant use of the propecia to fully discover its positive effects on the hair loss.

Side effects of Propecia:

The common side effects of Propecia include:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • A decrease in libido
  • Ejaculation disorder

The most frequently witness adverse effect of Propecia on men is concerning the sexual health. Although it is FDA approved, it is revealed that it can cause unhealthy sexual activity in men of the age 21-46. Many patients also complained to have experienced the effects of Propecia on their sexual activity even after they had stopped the consumption of this pill.

Is it safe with other medication?

It is generally recommended to avoid the consumption of Propecia while you are under other strong medication. It is likely to react and can adverse effects. If you are healthy and not taking any other medication, then it is considered safe and healthy to use. Consuming it in the morning is the healthiest and most preferable time of consumption. It is to be consumed for a year or more to witness the proven and promised results of hair loss prevention.