Prostate cancer is linked with Baldness

A new study at US suggests that men who are losing their hair and reaching to a situation called baldness may be at higher risk of prostate cancer.

Researchers made four groups of people of more than 4,000 U.S men with 25 to 74 years of age. One group contained those men who have good hair and no balding. In second group, they included those men who have minimal baldness. Third group included those men who have moderate baldness. Rest of the people was put in third group having severe baldness. It was studied on them that men with minimal baldness have 56 percent more chances to die from prostate cancer over a period of 21 years as compared to men with proper hair and not losing them. Similarly, men with moderate baldness have 83 percent more likely hood to die from prostate cancer.

These studies support the hypothesis that show links between prostate cancer and baldness. In medical checks, it was found that male with baldness have higher levels of male hormones. These male hormones are good for sexual health but they also help the growth of prostate cancer cells.

However, it is too early for researchers to finalize the way of screening the people on the basis of baldness against prostate cancer treatment, said Cindy Zhou, a study author and a postdoctoral fellow at the National Cancer Institute. “We need more work on this study to replicate what we are observing”

If future studies confirm the link between male baldness and prostate cancer, this would be a good indicator for men on high risk of prostate cancer. Doctors will be able to diagnose this health issue at very early stage and its treatment will become comfortable for both patients and doctors. However, studies need to show that by taking man’s baldness into account can actually increase doctors’ ability to predict this type of cancer.

Another study explains that men who start to lose their hair and move to baldness in their 20s are at higher risk of prostate cancer than men who don’t move towards baldness until their 20s. However, this study does not show strong links between severe baldness and fatal prostate cancer. It might be due to less numbers of men who were severely bald and were participating as subjects in this study. This study was told to people at the American Association for Cancer Research in Philadelphia