Psychological Aspect Of Male Pattern Baldness

When is it that the last time that you looked into the mirror and noticed your hairline thinning down and showing signs of growing baldness? It must have been shocking and taken you a while to accept the idea of hair loss. Well this happens to most of the men who suddenly find themselves losing their hair. Male pattern baldness is a problem that is universal. The impact of male pattern baldness is psychological more than physical.

Physically of course, baldness does not have much of an impact and one can easily wear a cap or headgear to cover self against exposure to heat etc. But then what about the psychological aspect? Of course whatever may be the age of the person, no one really likes to become bald. Men are actually paranoid about their growing baldness. Their self esteem gets severely dented and they become too self conscious. Everything has got to do with the inner need to look attractive enough to the members of the opposite sex. It is true, that most women would not like to consider a man who is bald if they are looking out for someone to date. When it comes to relationship, it should not really matter because what matters in a relationship is the inner strength and character of the person and not his external looks least of all his hair.

All said and done, baldness is something that haunts men of all ages and impacts them psychologically. Even if one is married and settled, receding hairline is not something that the man would wish to accept. Baldness has a negative connotation as per men’s psyche. There are very many causes for baldness amongst men as well as women. Baldness can be temporary or permanent. It can be caused due to a sudden illness or due to hormonal imbalance in the body. In such cases, once the body balance and health is restored, the hair fall stops and the hair grows back generally. But then there are cases where baldness results due to exposure to chemotherapy or due to diabetes or high blood pressure etc. When this happens the hair fall control becomes difficult. When the baldness occurs due to genetic and hereditary factors, even men in their early thirties can begin to go bald.

In all cases of baldness in men, the treatment is quite simple. A visit to the family doctor or a dermatologist will give you a prescription for Propecia. Normally the doctors advise Propecia for short term as well as long term treatment of baldness irrespective of the root cause. If the root cause has been determined, then the doctor will advise appropriate medicine for treatment of the root cause and Propecia along with it to control and manage the hair fall and loss. Clinical trials of Propecia has revealed that Propecia was not only effective in arresting the receding hairline and stopping hair fall, but in some cases promoted hair growth too. A combination of the medicines for the root cause of ill health combined with Propecia to cure the baldness along with surgical hair implantation should provide total solution to male baldness problem.