Your Life Your Choice

Health is definitely wealth. As long as one is healthy and independent life seems to be good. There comes a period in life when the body begins to give up and you are no longer in control of yourself. When and how this stage comes into one’s life is difficult to predict. Everyone should eventually expect to be hitting this stage at one point of time or the other when you will need assistance with eating, bathing, dressing and for all other normal chores that you are used to doing for yourself. What we are essentially saying is that no matter how independent you might be there might come a day when you will need to consider moving into a assisted living or senior citizen’s home. It is better for everyone to think of this well in advance.

Life is never the same. Without our realization the years roll by and we find ourselves facing our golden sunset years. In many instances the loss of one’s spouse makes us suddenly realize that we are alone and that we need to learn to become independent. For women it might be easier to stay with the family and adjust, but for men moving to a senior citizen’s home may be the best option where one can live with dignity and enjoy life with new friends.

It is quite likely that men get used to being dependent upon their wives for their day to day living assistance. With the passing away of the spouse, one needs to learn the ropes of living all over again. More than that the emotional vacuum created by the absence of the spouse can get to you. It is quite alright to live in one’s home and be with the children and grand children. Over a period of time every man will want to feel independent and by moving into a senior citizen’s home he gets to exercise his choice of being independent. When should one decide to leave home and move to a senior citizen’s home is a choice that should be taken by the individual when he is emotionally prepared and when the circumstances are just right.

Emotional preparation for moving out of one’s home and choosing to go into a senior citizen’s home is not easy. One needs to get hold of one’s mind and feelings and prepare for the onward journey in life. This is where one needs to look at life philosophically. You have come into this world alone and you go alone too. There is but only one companion who always is with you and watching over you and he is your God. The rest of the relationships in your life last only a certain duration. Everything in the world including yourself is but temporary. The nature of this world is temporary and constantly changing. Therefore change is an essence of life. Leaving behind your family and embracing a newer bigger family of friends and spending your time in carefree laughter and fun can be the best way to spend your time. More over you feel you are independent and have exercised your free choice of living life on your terms.